Skills & Methods

Being a full-stack marketer I've acquired experience and knowledge spanning the whole marketing “stack”. Having worked for SMBs and for startups with smaller teams and focusing on several projects and teams, I had to adapt to whatever the situation called for, which turned me into a extremely flexible marketer.

Buying Personas & Customer Journey

I’ve been using this process since 2015, alongside product, design and customer success teams, and this has proven to be the best way to understand the target audience’s pain points , what are they looking for, their buying preferences, and how the product/service can help them achieve their goals.

User Onboarding

I’ve created user onboarding flows to improve users experience with the products I managed while helping them reach the AHA moment and find real value  in the product as soon as possible. To me, this is the most important part of the customer journey and has a huge impact in reducing churn rates, converting a free user to paid and/or gaining a brand advocate.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Throughout the years, I’ve specialised in conceptualising and designing all types of landing pages (primary site, micro-site and dedicated LPs) focused on increasing conversion rates  for the marketing campaigns I ran. It’s not just the copy that matters but each conversion element counts. Oh, and I always A/B test everything!

Content Marketing

Everyone knows: content is king. It's proven to provide conversion rates about 6x higher than other methods, so it’s a very cost-effective way to build trust with a specific target audience, bring in new leads and nurture them. I’ve been focusing on content marketing since 2016 and nowadays it’s the backbone of my marketing strategy.


Creating engaging content is not enough to reach the right audience and generate qualified leads if there isn’t a solid long term white hat SEO strategy that supports it. That's why ranking higher on SERPs to attract organic traffic  while providing long-lasting growth in rankings has become one of my top priorities.


PPC campaigns are part of a healthy 360º digital marketing campaign. I’ve ran ads for marketing campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, mostly to generate awareness and retarget users , which contributed to increase the traffic to the website and the overall sales numbers.

Email Marketing Automation

Impact readers with timely, relevant and personalised information, using events and triggers that target specific user segments. The main results are improved user onboarding, lead nurturing and product usage increase,  gathering feedback and, of course, sharing those Black Friday (and other promo) campaigns we all love and cherish!

Social Media Management

A brand needs to be where its customers and partners are. I believe every social media posts must tell a story to a specific audience, supported by a strong strategy and calendar. With my social media skills I’m able to engage, nurture and support prospects and clients, and ultimately generate qualified marketing leads.

Growth Marketing

Because I wanted to succeed on in becoming a customer acquisition expert, I’ve also developed the following skills:
Graphic design and video editing  to create visuals and short walkthrough videos and animations;  Data analysis skills  that maximize my marketing efforts and improve ROI, while understanding its impact to the overall business results;  Web development  like basic HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, to help me create engaging landing pages and better use powerful tools such as Google Tag Manager.

Previous Employers


What my previous coworkers have to say about me

"Very efficient and organised.I hired Ana as Marketing Coordinator after seeing her excellent recruiting tests, and she’s really a great professional. Ana’s ability to deal with multiple projects and a fast learner - specially since she had, at first, just a small experience with leadership - made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of PHCs team, delivering on-time what she promised. Very positive, she's a team player!"

Pedro Tavares
Marketing Director, PHC

"Ana is a rare sort of employee and I enjoyed working with her as my right hand and head of marketing at TwitterCounter. She is fast and efficient in getting a lot done both herself and by leading marketing teams. Such dedication and commitment as Ana possesses are very hard to come by: whenever anything needed to be done, Ana would jump in and get it done quickly, and well. Always eager to learn and grow and a great team player. I’m sure she’ll be a fantastic asset to any company that hires her."

Omer Ginor
CEO, TwitterCounter

"Ana was thrown into a highly dynamic and ruthlessly paced environment. She was responsible for growth and customer acquisition. Her responsibilities included content and community, paid acquisition, growth experiments and partnerships. Ana is one of the rare people that combines a number driven and highly systematic approach with a great intuition for product, the customer and branding. But foremost she is a fun person to work with that gets shit done fast. I would work with her again with pleasure any day and highly recommend her."

Felix Petersen
Co-Founder and MD, Circ

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